What Ian Learned This Week: An occasional attempt to capture bits and bobs I’ve learned in the past week or so. Most definitely not done every week, but basically whenever I feel like it. Hill figures Reading Hidden Histories, and learning more about features of the British countryside I’m particularly struck by the chapter on […]

The Greferendum has left me certain of just one thing

I can’t say I have a strong opinion on whether Greece should have voted Yes or No in the referendum. It seems like both outcomes lead to uncertainty, and both have major downsides. One thing I can say for certain though: we shouldn’t be celebrating this as a serious victory for democracy. Greeks teaching us […]

Immigration: unequivocally good?

Michael Clemens from the Centre for Global Development on immigration [emphasis mine]: The research we have shows that immigration has had a positive effect on economic growth in Europe overall. This remains true in economists’ most sophisticated forecasts for the future. Christian Lutz and Ingo Wolter forecast a positive effect of immigration on German economic growth. Katerina […]