Is it the responsibility of citizens to vote?

As the election draws near a common phrase has been cropping up on my Facebook feed: “it is the responsibility of citizens to vote”. And that phrase makes me uncomfortable. Until recently I couldn’t articulate why, but the recent debate in US politics on compulsory voting gave me some clarity. It is simply because the correct […]

What are the black spider memos?

The Guardian have started doing great short explainer videos for some of their long-running coverage. This one on the Prince Charles black spider memos is a great example. Campaigners are increasingly producing short video-explainers, but I think the clarity of the Guardian videos is something to learn from.

Are police cameras such an obvious win?

Recently read this interesting article from Bloomberg on the perils of police cameras. They seem like such an easy and obvious win in response to incidents like Ferguson, but Bloomberg make a strong argument for why it isn’t quite so simple. On recruitment and effective policing: Police cameras are also prone to intentional abuse. With […]

The leadership debates fail to impress

Amongst the top qualities and abilities I want the leader of my country are: ability to negotiate ability to manage and work with others ability to strategise Being a strong public debater doesn’t seem to me to directly be a strong qualification for governing. In that respect I’m not convinced the leadership debates in the way […]